NewMoi - Virtual Classes accessed online

In these unprecedented times we find ourselves in at the present time, I have decided to launch my Virtual Classes that enable you to access ‘Live’ in the comfort and safety of your own homes.

These classes will give you all an hour or more each week to keep up your fitness, keep your selves and family (kids & partners too!!!) healthy, and give you some structure to your daily routine. It is so important to do something like this to feel you are still part of a community, and know that your friends, colleagues and class participants are all in this situation together, but reunite you all in a class situation and so not feeling that you are so isolated.

I have put together a weekly timetable of 1 hour classes. These are classes that I would normally teach in my clubs and hall. Each class you will not require any specific equipment except an area to work out on i.e. a mat or a carpeted floor. The space you will need is a area that you can step out side to side, and lunge forward and backwards (without knocking something over J!).

The only person who will see you will be me!! . On entering the class you will be muted, so not to have everyone talking over each other, except me who will greet you on your arrival. I will however unmute everyone after the class for 5-10mins so we can all say ‘HI’ and have a chat, talk about any feedback going forward for me to improve on!, and answer any questions you may have.


During the class, unlike in a studio/hall class I will NOT be coming off mat as this will confuse you all! I will show modifications during the class as normal so remember to do what is best for you.

The timetable of classes that I have set are flexible to change. If I need to change times, days etc I will do so to meet your needs where possible, so always let me know.

Here are the instructions you will need:

BOTH apps are ‘FREE’ and can be downloaded on phones, tablets, laptops and Computers.

Teamo App:

 You will receive a text message inviting you to join NewMoi on Teamo. Once you have received this text, follow the instructions. You will get notifications and updates on the up and coming classes for that week from me. You will then be able to view the online classes. Then once you decide on a class and accept as going just follow the instructions on screen.

Once you have accepted a class and payment received, I will then send you a zoom link to that class, via your email address. Each class will be open to join in for all attendees up to 30 mins before the class start time. If you wish to join in a class after this time you must message me directly on my mobile to enable me to send you the link etc.


Download ‘Zoom’ app:

This as you can imagine is all new to both myself and possibly some of you too!! PLEASE call me if you need any advice or help in setting your apps up etc (I have 2 great tech minded son’s here to help!!)